Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Spy Who Saved Christimas by Dana Marton

image Hey! First of all, my apologizes if you (probably) find out some mistakes of english here. I’m brazilian, english is not my first language and I usually read better than write. :)

Well, I received this ARC from Dana Marton, and I would like first to thank her, because that’s the first ARC I have ever received. :) Thank you Dana!

Unfortunately, Harlequin Brazil doesn't have the Intringue serie yet, that’s why she sent me one of her books. The serie is all about spies, SEAL's... In this case, we are talking about Redi, a spy who has left his love two years ago. What he didn’t know was that they would meet each other at the same time he was working on a dangerous case. He has no option but to bring Lara to the safety of his own house. But she can’t stay with him… because she has two babies!

Zak and Nate both are the cutest babes ever! I simply adored them! So Redi wants to keep Lara and Zak and Nate safe. He failed. The babes were kidnapped, and now he has to exchange them for a CD who that has a secreat information.

A really perfect book. I told Dana that I would be sincere in my review, but for a while I could not think in anything about it that I didn’t like. Sometimes the book is funny, hot, and has everything that I love to read: Spies! I love spies! :)







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