Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Devil's Lady by Deborah Simmons

I came across this book when I was looking for some historical romance story to read. In “The Devil’s Lady”, the plot revolves around Aisley (in portuguese, Isadora), a woman which lives by herself. However, she was ordered by the King Edward to choose herself a husband, and at the beginning she was about to give a chance to the knights there were on realm. Unfortunately, none of them took up her attention, but Aisley got an idea on her mind that would hoodwink the king.

She had chosen the Red Knight. He had such reputation that just mentioning him was enough to cause nuisance and panic on everyone. Thus, rumors have been saying that he was into darkness and has struck a devil’s bargain. Nobody would let her marry with such terrible man. The King Edward does, however.

I’ve began my week with such a great book! “The Devil’s Lacy” bring us characters which captivated me so much that I was delighted by the story and never though in put it down, such excellent reading “The Devil’s Lady” was to me. The story take place inside the castle almost all the time, the hero is a dark and mysterious man and that’s why I enjoyed this book. The dark-shades atmosphere and a secret involving Piers got my attention until the last pages.

Isadora is a smart woman. Even one side of her mind telling her that she should believe in the Red Kinght’s reputation, the other side tells her there would have something deeper involving the mystery of her husband. Little by little the plot goes on while the mystery is shown. It was a pity that due spoilers I already knew what kind of secret he had, but even so the secret is something that none reader could not remain indifferent.

In a nutshell the dialogues are well developed. This is a story which the love grows up during the reading, where the idea of being married with such terrible man is quickly changed and filled with true love, a pure romance book. I loved each moment of this book and fell in love with Piers and Isadora. Deborah Simmons wrote one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read.